About Us

Tropicalea is a space created for the use of natural methods for the maintenance and restoration of the balance of the body on a physical, mental and emotional level. Our commitment to health and direct interaction with nature allow us to create a space of harmony and in connection with plants and their medicinal properties. We wish to facilitate the body's innate recovery processes through nature's own wisdom. Promote a state of consciousness in each of our clients that promotes disease prevention and a better quality of life.

Our team is led by the Licensed Naturopath Verónica Ortiz Vega, with a broad and multidisciplinary academic preparation in various branches such as: Fine Arts, Education, Naturopathic Sciences and Herbology. Her passion for botany and energy therapies began at a very young age. She dedicated herself and was educated in the continuous search for natural alternatives after the diagnosis of cancer in her grandmother, and later in her mother. She works in collaboration with personnel trained in the design and manufacture of herbal products.